Happy Anniversary

Just over a year ago, my marriage came to a screaming halt. At the time I thought true happiness would always escape me.

However, I soon learned that a general attraction that I had to my wife’s good friend was not only reciprocated but that it had the potential to grow onto something all consuming.

Me and Christina didn’t always see eye to eye in the beginning when she first started hanging out with Tonie – mostly due to my futile resistance to her charming personality – but in the past few years of my marriage, we too, had become friends.

As my marriage fell apart, I leaned on her for support.  We talked daily for hours on end. I took days off work as we just enjoyed each others company so much. Neither of us had ever found anyone before who was such a complete counterpart. We found each other finishing each others thoughts and sentences, we had the answer to each others questions, and we just became the best of friends so incredibly fast. And we still complete each others thoughts, dreams and hopes.

This day a year ago, we decided to believe in the hope of better things and decided together that even though the world might be against us, we would find rest in each other and do it daily until death do us part.

This has been the best year of our lives…and we’ve only just begun.


True love stories don’t have an ending….

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