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The Wiggles!!!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

The girls went off to see The Wiggles live for Vienna’s 3rd Birthday present! Vienna was clueless as to why we were there until they came rolling out singing “Toot Toot, Chuga Chuga, Big Red Car!” And then she was overwhelmed and had little to no expression on her face except the odd giggle! They did a great show, with more energy then my 4 kids have in a day! It was amazing! They said happy birthday to Vienna on stage and she sat in her seat a little bewildered at why they were talking to her! We got to shake hands with Anthony and Murray came to stand right beside us and said hello to the girls!! Atlanta was thrilled and danced and sang on mommy’s lap the entire hour and a half! It was a great time and everyone was there, except Greg but Sam did an amazing job in is place!! So here are some pictures for all to enjoy as much as we did! Sorry about the bad photography, it was taken with a camera phone!!!!!



Big Air Insanity Pictures

Friday, February 1st, 2008

As promised, here are some pictures from the Big Air Insanity Show!

IMG_3942.jpg (more…)

Big Air

Friday, January 25th, 2008

I am looking forward to tomorrow night when me and the boys take off to Ipsco Place for the Big Air Insanity Tour 2008.

It’s a motocross stunt show complete with huge jumps and everything else that boys – young and old – love.

We have great tickets (12th row, nearly centered) and we also grabbed some pit passes so we can go check out the bikes and riders before the show.

I’ll have to post up pics later this weekend after the show!  The boys and I are pumped!

New Year Update

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

It’s been a while since I updated the site – we’ve been a busy bunch…

Just thought I’d give a photo update of that past month or so. Christmas, Atlanta etc…


She sure has grown fast, but she is doing well, and sure likes to talk and giggle. If noone’s paying attention to her, she’s sure to let everyone know.

atlanta.JPG at_sleep.JPG atlanta_hat.JPG
Atlanta seat Atlanta bath atlanta_knit_hat.JPG

Christmas 2006

We had a great Christmas, we went to Uncle Brad’s in Estevan on Christmas Eve. Desteni was here and we let her open her present Eve morning since she was going back to her mom’s that night. We also let the other kids open one of theirs and we also got them all a special present for the trip to Estevan (2hrs) that day.

We got them all a portable DVD player for the van. They watched it all the way there and it definitely a different van ride than normal. If you have kids – get one!

Here are a couple pics of the family in Estevan:

grandpa_baby.JPG Grandpa holding a sqirmy Atlanta
stef_baby.JPG Stef holding Atlanta
vienna_dress.JPG Vienna all dressed up for Estevan.
beener_pool.JPG We had an incident though – Phoenix got his arm stuck in the pool tableHe’s ok though – just a little sore.
sunrise_christmas.JPG Christmas morning looked like this from our drive:
presents.JPG It was similar the year before – very cool.
vienna_dress1.JPGvienna_dress2.JPGvienna_dress3.JPG Vienna got a princess dress up set…
vienna_kitchen.JPG She also got a princess kitchen

Other Recent pics

vienna_dvd.JPG Vienna watching TV while the other kids were sledding.
tobog.JPG The hill they were sledding on
vienna.JPG Vienna getting older fast!